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Because "Care" is in Our Name.

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Free Evaluation

Does my problem belong in a chiropractic office?

This can be a difficult question to answer. If you would like a personal evaluation, you are invited to complete the Health Screening Questionnaire and submit it online without obligation. You will receive a personal phone response addressing your situation. You may be urged to seek further evaluation from a family physician, a specialist, or a chiropractor of your choosing. Home care and/or monitoring may be suggested. Evaluations will be reviewed in the order they are received. There is no charge for this service, nor will there be any additional unsolicited follow-up.

Note: An evaluation conducted from a case history and telephone conversation is not meant to take the place of a physical examination conducted in our office, or the office of another health care provider. This is a service to help you determine a possible next step. It is not meant to be used by people in need of immediate care. Those individuals should call an appropriate office directly. If your condition requires emergency care, you should contact emergency services. The Oberg/Larsen Chiropractic Office staff cannot accept responsibility for any part of an individual’s ongoing health care when they have not been seen as a patient in our office. If during or after an online evaluation, your health condition changes or appears to warrant additional attention for any reason, you should call the appropriate office.


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